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Tara Weldon

Lovestyle Connoisseur 
I can remember being very young and drawing pictures of wedding gowns. I would imagine the beautiful women that would wear them. What would their hair look like, what kind of flowers would they carry, how many bridesmaids would they have? I would dream up the ceremony and the party, how the groom would be so in love with the bride, and where they would go to live happily ever after. That was just kid stuff….
I grew up between the jersey shore and the west village of NYC. I have an incredible family with lots of love and support to share. I love to travel and I have been so lucky to see much of this earth. I’ve done the backpack route, but much prefer the way of luxury and style. So I work hard and create opportunities to see new parts of the world when I can. I have been a successful artist and entrepreneur for over a decade. I have a top level certification from one of the leading customer service firms in the country. I worked for the wife of one of the biggest celebrities in the world for over 10 years. Above and beyond that, I love creating experiences, big or small, that will touch the lives of people around me, and leave their hearts filled with happiness. 
I have enjoyed planning many charity events and personal events for friends and family. After marrying my soulmate this year, and with a little love and support from all those friends and family, I decided to go after the dream I have been dreaming for all these years.  So I will conjure the spirt of that little girl and couple it with the love and life experience I have gathered along the way. I will help other men and women create the wedding of their dreams in an easy, relaxed, stress free style. I can’t wait to help brides and grooms create the most unforgettable experience of their lives and the lives of everyone around them. And so…. It is with great pleasure that I present to the world Lovestyled Events, a luxury wedding and event planning company.